Investing in UAE Real Estate: Discover the Safest Country for Your Home

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently been acclaimed as the world’s safest country, surpassing even renowned destinations like Singapore.

This prestigious ranking is a testament to the secure living environment and exceptional amenities that attract individuals from across the globe to call the UAE their home.

The UAE’s Unparalleled Safety Record

The UAE’s recognition as the safest country globally was unveiled at the 12th International Dubai Police Symposium in March 2019.

The survey revealed an impressive statistic—96.1% of people in the UAE feel safe walking outside at night, a testament to the secure environment cultivated by the Dubai Police and General Security.

This remarkable figure surpasses the safety levels of countries like Singapore, which scored 94%. The Dubai Police’s proactive initiatives, including the utilization of smart services such as mobile apps, have significantly reduced response times and contributed to this outstanding safety record.

Statistics that Highlight the UAE’s Commitment to Safety

To address any lingering doubts about the UAE’s safety, let’s examine some additional figures released by the Dubai Police:

1. 83 – The number of road deaths per 100,000 people in the UAE in 2018. This statistic showcases the UAE’s commitment to road safety and the effective measures implemented to ensure secure transportation.

2. 5% – The indicator for serious crime in the UAE in 2018, a notable decrease from 67.69% in 2017. This substantial decline reflects the UAE’s unwavering dedication to maintaining a safe and secure environment.

3. 7% – The rate of crime related to murders in 2018, demonstrating the UAE’s exceptional safety standards and the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies.

4. 8% – The rate of crime related to kidnapping in 2018. This low percentage further reinforces the UAE’s status as a secure nation.

Safe Residential Areas

  • The commitment to safety in the UAE extends beyond statistics and into everyday life.
  • Residential areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other Emirates feature robust security measures, including the installation of CCTV cameras, round-the-clock security personnel, and gated communities.
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  • These security measures ensure that residents can enjoy a peaceful and secure living environment, where they can confidently allow their children to play outdoors and partake in activities late into the night.

The Impact of UAE’s Safety Ranking on Real Estate Investments

Foreign Investments Flourish

  • Foreign investors are also drawn to the UAE’s real estate market due to the peace of mind it offers.
  • Prospective buyers can invest in properties without the worry of jeopardizing their investments.
  • The UAE’s robust safety infrastructure positions it as one of the premier countries for real estate investments worldwide.
  • Expatriates and overseas investors also benefit from the diverse portfolio of properties available.

An Attractive Destination for Long-Term Investment

  • The UAE’s accolade as the world’s safest country amplifies its appeal as a long-term investment destination.
  • The sense of safety and security provided by the UAE government encourages expatriates to view the country as a viable option for settling down and, consequently, investing in real estate.
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