Investing in Abu Dhabi City

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi provides a rich investment environment at regional and international levels. Abu Dhabi entertains a suitable investment climate for all local and foreign investors alike, in addition to the government’s efforts to build a fertile, safe and sustainable environment for investment, and high-level facilities and incentives to provide to investors. Which contributed to directing the desire of capital to invest in the capital (Abu Dhabi).

The ten investment advantages in the capital Abu Dhabi

The advantages provided by Abu Dhabi, the capital, have enticed foreign investors directly to the capital, which is ranked first in the Arab world and progressed on a global scale. These benefits include:

1. Strategic location

The strategic location of Abu Dhabi has made it the focus of investors’ attention for all commercial activities as it is on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, allowing businessmen and investors to access the most important global markets in addition to its tourism, economic and investment components.

2. Quality of life

Abu Dhabi has been considered the safest city in the world for six consecutive years, according to international statistics, in addition to the multiplicity of academic institutions and advanced health facilities.

3. Diversity and multiplicity of real estate

The city of Abu Dhabi offers a diverse range of real estate suitable for all financial circumstances, including luxury properties and villas. In addition to, properties that are still under construction, and meet all of the desires of investors, regardless of their different tastes, abilities, or purchasing goals.

4. Economic stability

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is working to strengthen the position of the United Arab Emirates in global competitive reports, in addition to its first position in the Middle East economically! Through the diversity of its national income and its government’s policy of openness to economic diversification, in addition to the strength of its infrastructure

5. UAE passport

The UAE passport is ranked 15th in the world, making it the first in the Arab world, as UAE passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to 175 countries

6. Full ownership of companies

The Commercial Companies Law was issued in the year 2020, which stipulates that investor of different nationalities are allowed to own and establish companies completely in all regions in the Emirates, and not require the presence of a citizen agent for the company

7. Golden Visa

It allows residents and their families in residence to work and live through golden visas and the possibility of establishing their businesses and enjoying a long stay. Which is granted to investors and entrepreneurs for a period ranging between five and ten years.

8. Tax Code

I Where investors enjoy not imposing income taxes on individuals or companies, it also allows individuals and investors the freedom to transfer all of their profits.

9. Investing in all economic activities

Abu Dhabi enables foreign investors to invest in various commercial, industrial, agricultural, health and many other sectors.

10. Vaccination

92.2% of the total population of the United Arab Emirates received the coronavirus vaccine.

Abu Dhabi is a leading hub in the world of business, investment and innovation, and a major driver of entrepreneurial activity in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. Where the Abu Dhabi government works to support entrepreneurs and investors and sets incentives to raise the number of companies and push the wheel of development in the United Arab Emirates. As it works to remove all obstacles and facilitate transactions for investors, making it a more competitive environment in attracting foreign investments