Types of listing Sale & Rent Agreements in Abu Dhabi

At Property Shop Investment, we know that listing your property for sale or for rent can be stressful; finding the right agent, determining the right price, remembering what documents you need, what type of listing you require for your property. We aim to make the process hassle-free and less of a headache, so you can sit back and relax while your dedicated account manager does all the hard work.

The benefits of a non-exclusive listing agreement:

  • List your property with numerous real estate agents
  • Marketing of your property using the same channels by different real estate agents
  • Multiple viewings of your property by the same clients but with different agents
  • No obligation to pay commission if you sell/ rent your property with your own efforts
  • Non-exclusive agreement has no specific duration

The benefits of an exclusive listing agreement:

  • Property exclusively listed with the No.1 broker in Abu Dhabi.
  • Exclusive gives you more privacy during the property selling process.
  • Maximum exposure to the right tenant / investor.
  • Only qualified buyers will have the chance to meet the seller.
  • Special marketing campaigns to sell / rent your property.
  • Higher commitment of service.
  • Better quality clients.
  • Guaranteed high-quality offers.
  • Your property will be shown by one agent.
  • 1-year free property management.
  • Exclusive agreement has a specific duration.
  • Open houses: Our agents will focus more on your property and it will be more visible to buyers than other units that don’t have exclusive agreement.
  • The seller has the right to sell his property on his own, but is obligated to pay commission to his broker.

Why select Property Shop Investment (PSI) as a Landlord?

  • Our offices are open six days a week and you can call us seven days a week.
  • PSI has the ability and the experience to meet landlords and buyer’s needs.
  • PSI has the highest property transactions in Abu Dhabi.
  • PSI is the only company in Abu Dhabi to have their own specialized portal for each community.
  • Multi- services: residential (apartment, villas, townhouses) and commercial (commercial, retail, showroom) sales and leasing, property management, rentals.
  • Proper advice on the market value of your property, property guidelines as well as preparation of all documentation required for the sale/rent transaction.
  • Strong marketing channels across our websites, print, social media and online property portals.
  • Fully trained team who protect all parties throughout all property transactions.
  • Our area specialized listing advisors have a deep understanding of everything related to your property.
  • Professional photography: to show your property in its best light (2D & 3D Floor plans, Virtual tours and videos, Graphic design for online and printed material).
  • Highest online exposure & database in Abu Dhabi Real Estate.
  • Owning a fully updated property portfolio in Abu Dhabi.
  • Covering 50+ districts in the UAE.
  • Two main offices and one showroom.