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Real Estate Laws in Abu Dhabi

/Real Estate Laws in Abu Dhabi

Real Estate Laws in Abu Dhabi

Questions Tenants Should Know Before Signing a Leasing Contract.

Questions Tenants in Abu Dhabi Should Know the Answers to Before Signing a Leasing Contract. If you are renting in Abu Dhabi for the first or the 5th time, it’s always good to refresh your knowledge on some of the basic questions, rules, and regulations surrounding your tenancy contract. 1) What is the legal [...]

Al Fahid, Al Fahid Island

OVERVIEW AL FAHID Al Fahid is Abu Dhabi's own beachfront escape, boasting luxury seaside villas as well as well-appointed apartments and townhouses (Up Coming Units),all brought to life amongst the mangroves, waterways, and white sands of the Arabian Gulf. Situated between the cultural island of Saadiyat and the entertainment hub of Yas Island, the [...]

Thinking of Relocating? Explore Al Reem Island Living

Finding the right home and location is crucial to your quality of life. Keeping up to date with where is best for your family to live. Here we are delighted to share with you a view of living in Al Reem Island. Reem Island has proved to be the fastest growing neighborhood within Abu [...]

Exemption of residential property from VAT

 أكدت الهيئة الاتحادية للضرائب إعفاء العقارات السكنية من ضريبة القيمة المضافة بشكل عام فيما عدا التوريد الأول خلال السنوات الثلاث الأولى من بنائه والذي سيخضع لنسبة الصفر. جاء ذلك في بيان للهيئة اليوم أوضحت فيه ضوابط معاملة قطاع العقارات فيما يتعلق بضريبة القيمة المضافة. وقالت الهيئة ” ستخضع توريدات العقارات التجارية – البيع أو [...]

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Brokers Fees 2017

Article 138 – 2017 Fixed administration fees for developers and fixed commission for real estate brokers Abu Dhabi Municipal Affairs and Transport Article 1: Broker's Commission The commission of the real estate brokers will be now fixed to 2% for any selling and purchasing contract, with a maximum amount of AED 500,000. The commission should [...]

Final Provisions

Article 84 Adjusting the Situation 1. The persons who start any of the activities aforesaid in Article (5) of this Law, shall adjust their situation according to the provisions thereof within (90} days from its effective date and the Department may extend this period for all categories of licensees or for a particular category as [...]


Article 77 Practicing an Activity without a Licence Without prejudice to any more severe penalty provided for by any other law, any person who practices any activity as a broker, brokers' employee, auctioneer, director of the owners' union, Evaluator or surveyor or who introduces himself in this capacity without being licensed or adjusting his situation [...]

Levels, Apartments and Jointly Owned Parts

Article 58 Development Plans Chapter 1 - Real Estate Development Plans 1. The developer shall register the main or subsidiary development plan of the concerned real estate after obtaining the approval of the competent entities, before selling any real estate unit off the plan, and shall deposit the original copy thereof with both the Department [...]


Article 32 Mortgagee Chapter 1 - General Conditions If the mortgagee creditor was a bank or a financing company or institution, they shall be licensed and duly registered with the Central Bank for the practice of real estate financing in the Country. Article 33 Mortgagor and Mortgage The assignor of the off-plan real estate unit [...]

Initial Real State Register

Article 27 Obligation of Registering the Dispositions A Register shall be established in the Department under the name of "Initial Real Estate Register" where all the dispositions pertaining to the real estate units sold off-plan shall be recorded. These dispositions shall not be binding upon any of the parties thereto or towards others, unless they [...]