Reem Central Park

Who doesn’t like outdoor activity? Taking in fresh air and engaging in outdoor activities is beneficial for an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. While it has benefits for an individual, it’s good for the overall family welfare. Playing outdoor has huge advantages for the kids in the family, it contributes to mental and physical development. Al Reem Island, the emerging and sought after residential and commercial community of Abu Dhabi has been gifted with an interactive park, Reem Central Park.

Spread across a sprawling one million square feet, Reem Central Park includes a skate park, a climbing wall, a mosque(which can accommodate 2000 people), a public beach, cafes and restaurants. Full of entertainment and fun, Reem Central Park provides a new outdoor platform for not only the residents of Al Reem Island but also for the whole of Abu Dhabi. The park opened on 1st December, 2018 on the special occasion of  the National Day with a long week of festivities. A project by Al-Dar properties social-responsibility program.

Reem Central Park is a big boost to Al Reem Island’s property scene. For those wanting to move to this island, Reem Central Park should surely feature amongst the top reason for the shift, as who wouldn’t want to have a beautiful park right in their community. While one can enjoy sunshine by the beach, at night the entire family can enjoy a movie outdoors.
The park is surrounded by residential & commercial towers such as Park View Tower, Oceanscape, Amaya Tower, Meera Tower, Beach Tower, Leaf Tower, Shams Gate District (Sun Tower, Sky Tower, Mangrove Place, The Gate Towers, The Arc Tower, Yasmina Residence, Al Qurm, The Bridges) and City of Lights (Addax Tower, Hydra Avenue Towers, Horizon Towers, Boardwalk Residences, Marina Bay Towers, Sigma Towers 1 & 2, Omega Tower) all available for sale and leasing.

Park View Tower, developed by Mesab Limited is 290 meters away from Reem Central Park with a 4 minute walking distance. It’s a 35 floor tower with 128 apartments, 2 and 3 bedroom & duplexes ready for handover in June 2019. Amaya Towers developed by Dhafir Development & Contracting LLC consists of two 25-level residential buildings with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and is 1.3 kilometer away from Reem Central Park with a 4 minute travel time by car. Meera Towers developed by Al-Dar comprises of two 25 storey towers overlooking Reem Central Park and has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, is 16 minute away with 6.7 kilometer distance from the park. Beach Towers developed by Dhafir Development & Contracting LLC has two elegant residential towers together – Tower A and Tower B with 26 floors in each, is just 7 minute walking distance and 600 meter away.away from the park. Oceanscape developed by Damac is a mixed-use development featuring townhouses, apartments and boutiques. It is a 35-storey tower with 1 & 2 bedroom. From Oceanscape, the distance to Reem Central Park is a mere 6 minute walking distance.


Leaf Tower by  3AM Properties Investment Co. on the other hand is 3.4 kilometer distance by car with an 8 minute drive from Reem Central Park and is a mixed-use tower with residential and commercial units available for sale and leasing. Shams Gate District comprises of Sun Tower(3 minute, 1.6 kilometer), Sky Tower(4 minute,2 kilometer) developed by Al-Dar, Mangrove Place(4 minute,1.9 kilometer), Yasmina Residence(2 minute, 1 kilometer), The Gate Towers(3 minute,1.8 kilometer), The Arc Tower (4 minute, 1.6 kilometer) all within 5 kilometer radius from Reem Central Park.

The Bridges developed by Al-Dar Properties comprises of 6 mid-rise towers, each tower has 26 storeys and features 212 apartments. The property type include studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. From the Reem Central Park, it is 11 minute walking distance and 900 meter distance

The residents of Shams Gate District although have their own respective parks near the towers but the parks are without the public beach, skate park, mosque and many other options which the Reem Central Park provide. For the residents of City of Lights, there couldn’t be a nearer and better option than Reem Central Park. The towers in City of Lights such as Hydra Avenue Tower(developer Hydra Properties), Marina Bay Tower(developer Mismak), Addax Tower(developer Mismak), Horizon Towers(developer Tamouh) , Boardwalk Residences(developer Al-Dar), Sigma Towers 1 & 2 (developer  Tamouh), Omega (developer Mismak) etc get a beautiful view of the Reem Central Park and are just 3 minute drive with 1.8 kilometer distance. This makes Reem Central Park a very accessible outdoor recreational place for the residents of Al Reem Island.

Reem Central Park a Dh250 million project, is one of the major developments on the island by Al-Dar properties. Al-Dar’s focus on lifestyle driven amenities and residential development projects is propelling Reem Island toward being one of the most attractive destinations in the UAE capital.