Essential Steps for Moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Planning a move from Dubai to Abu Dhabi? Discover essential tips on choosing a property, disconnecting DEWA, obtaining permits, hiring movers and transportation options.

Let’s make it a stress-free guide for you.

Everything You Need to Know When Moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Streamlining the Move

Moving to Abu Dhabi from Dubai can be a breeze. Follow this simple guide:

  • Choose Your New Home – Select the right place in Abu Dhabi based on your needs and proximity to work or public transport. Opt for a 1-bed apartment for singles or couples, and consider 2-bed flats or villas for families.
Check Out Your New Home in Abu Dhabi
  • Disconnect DEWA – Before leaving Dubai, ensure you disconnect your DEWA account. Visit a customer center with your bill and ID or handle it conveniently online a week before your move.
  • Get a Move Permit – Some Dubai buildings require permits for moving. Check with your building supervisor and gather necessary documents like passport copies and tenancy contracts.

Getting There: Transportation Made Simple

Once you’ve sorted your moving company, focus on transportation options:

  • Private Vehicles – Consider using your car for a convenient choice, especially for families. Evaluate cost and convenience based on your specific situation.
  • Taxi Services – Quick and hassle-free if you prefer not to drive. Prices range from AED 250 to AED 300 for a one-way trip.
  • Intercity Bus Service – Opt for budget-friendly intercity buses like E100 and E101. Don’t forget your NOL card for seamless transactions.

FAQs About Moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

  • What’s the Cost of Living in Abu Dhabi? – Understand living costs for better financial planning, considering expenses from groceries to housing.
  • How to Live on a Budget in Abu Dhabi? – Explore budget-friendly options like affordable housing and public transport for a cost-effective move.
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