A Guide for Co-Occupant Registration on Ejari in Dubai

In the heart of Dubai‘s evolving family laws, the government has embraced societal changes by allowing unmarried couples and unrelated individuals to cohabit.

To align with this cultural shift, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) now requires the registration of all co-occupants in rented or owned properties.

This acts as a user-friendly guide, taking you through an easy eight-step process for seamless co-occupant registration on Ejari in Dubai, ensuring compliance with DLD requirements.

Importance of Co-Occupant Registration

Recent adjustments to family laws have spurred an increase in shared accommodations in Dubai.

However, concerns arise when cohabitants go unregistered on Ejari, potentially jeopardizing the rights of individuals in subletting situations.

Registering co-occupants guarantees automatic updates to Ejari or tenancy contracts, safeguarding the rights of everyone in the shared living space.

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The Eight-Step Process

To comply with Dubai Land Department regulations, follow these eight straightforward steps to register co-occupants in Dubai:

  • Download and Open the Dubai REST APP
    • If you’re a new user, kick off by registering your account.
  • Select “Individual” and Log in Using UAE PASS
    • Utilize the UAE PASS application to seamlessly authenticate yourself.
  • Choose the Property from the Dashboard
    • Select the property where you are a tenant.
  • Click on Manage Co-Occupants
    • Access the co-occupant management section effortlessly.
  • Click on “Add More” to Add Co-Occupants
    • Input the co-occupant’s date of birth and Emirates ID, then click verify.
  • Enter Details of All Individuals
    • Add details of all individuals living on the property. To remove a co-occupant, select the delete icon and submit.

Key Reminders

  • Include all family members and other co-occupants, such as domestic help.
  • In the absence of UAE PASS, residents can use Emirates ID or Residence Visa Number for registration.
  • Valid passport numbers are acceptable for co-occupants without Emirates ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other uses of the REST APP?

  • The Dubai REST app serves multiple real estate trading and transaction functions, including property valuation and Ejari registration. Refer to a comprehensive guide for a detailed overview of its functionalities.

Where can I read about Ejari?

  • Explore a detailed Ejari guide to find answers to all your questions.
  • The registration process for co-occupants on Ejari in Dubai is straightforward.
  • With the relevant details on hand, the process can be completed efficiently.
  • Registering co-occupants is crucial for protecting the rights of all parties involved in shared accommodations.
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