Sheikh Mohammed Announces Simplified UAE Home Loans, Approves $458m Housing Package

The UAE has streamlined home loans for Emiratis and greenlit a housing package exceeding $450 million. This new housing loan approval system aims to facilitate citizens in securing real estate funding within the country.

The Latest Updates in UAE Real Estate

  • Simplified Home Loans: Embracing a user-centric approach, Emiratis now have access to a simplified and hassle-free home loan process, marking a significant shift in the real estate financing landscape.
  • $458m Housing Package: A substantial financial injection of $458 million has been earmarked to bolster housing opportunities for UAE citizens, signaling a strong commitment to enhancing housing accessibility and affordability.
  • Introducing the “Manzili” Bundle: The introduction of the innovative “Manzili” bundle signifies a paradigm shift in housing services, offering a comprehensive suite of 18 housing services designed to streamline the customer journey and simplify the application process.

Sheikh Mohammed’s Transformative Influence

Sheikh Mohammed’s unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of UAE citizens is palpable in the recent decisions taken by the UAE Cabinet. By prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and citizen-centric services, these initiatives are poised to revolutionize the residential real estate sector in the UAE.


Q1: What does the new housing approval package in the UAE entail?
A1: The housing approval package in the UAE includes 2,160 new housing decisions valued at AED1.682 billion under the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program.
Q2: What is the significance of the “Manzili” bundle?
A2: The “Manzili” bundle aims to simplify housing services for citizens by reducing the number of required documents, involved entities, and procedural steps involved in securing a housing loan.
Q3: How does the housing package align with UAE’s future objectives?
A3: The housing package aligns with UAE’s vision to eliminate government procedures, reduce service completion times, and offer proactive integrated services, positioning the UAE government as a global leader in service delivery.

The dynamic landscape of UAE real estate is undergoing a profound transformation in 2024, driven by Sheikh Mohammed’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to empowering citizens through accessible housing solutions. As the UAE embraces a future of inclusive and sustainable homeownership, these developments herald a new era of possibilities for aspiring homeowners in the region.

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