Are you well aware of your rights as a Tenant?

1) The landlord has to give a 2 months’ notice period before increasing the rent amount or asking the tenant to leave?

2) The tenant will be subject to pay the valued added tax (VAT) from 1st Jan 2018

3) More than 3 occupants are allowed to stay in a single room of the residential unit (children and housemaids excluded)

4) The Rent Dispute Settlement Committee “RDSC” is a competent authority to hear all rent disputes.

5) The tenant is allowed to organize a private party at the community swimming pool.

6) The tenant has to pay 10% of the annual rent amount as a security deposit to the landlord before moving in.

7) TAWTHEEQ: it’s the tenant’s responsibility to register the unit under Abu Dhabi Municipality

8) The landlord has to pay for the maintenance fees if the AC is not working

9) The tenant has to pay 2 months of penalty fees if he decides to break the lease before it ends

10) The tenant is allowed to make modifications inside the property without informing the landlord.