All About Property Survey in Dubai

Importance of Real Estate Survey

  • Assurance and Legality: Property surveys ensure transparency, accuracy, and legality in real estate transactions.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Essential for meeting local regulations and laws governing land ownership and development in Dubai.
  • Boundary Delineation: Accurately defines property boundaries to prevent disputes and encroachments.
  • Title Confirmation: Confirms the accuracy of property titles, mitigating the risk of disputed or unclear ownership.
  • Market Value Determination: Helps in determining the property’s market value, facilitating negotiations and securing financing.
  • Support for Development Projects: Provides essential information for urban planning, infrastructure development, and construction projects.

How to Apply for Property Survey in Dubai

  • Application Submission: Submit a real estate survey application through the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office or the Oqood system.
  • Site Access: Ensure access to the site for surveyors.
  • Review Process: Application reviewed by officials to ensure all requirements are met.
  • Appointment Setting: An appointment is set for surveyors to visit the site.
  • Survey Execution: Surveyors conduct measurements and prepare necessary data and charts.
  • Report Issuance: Final property survey report issued within three business days.

Fees for Property Surveys

  • Field Survey of Land: AED 500
  • Surveys of Common Areas or Buildings: AED 5000
  • Additional Fees: Knowledge and innovation fees apply, totaling the cost of the survey.
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List of Property Surveyors in Dubai

  • Al Yamama Real Estate Survey Services: Provides solutions to various stakeholders in the real estate industry.¬†Ensures compliance with regulations set by the Dubai Land Department.
  • Digital Realty FZ-LLC (Pupil): Offers comprehensive property survey services and floor plan designing.
  • Emarat Survey Services: First DLD-accredited company for property surveys in Dubai. Has affiliations extending to zoning authorities.
  • Petra Point: Offers support for off-plan real estate project development. Includes survey registration and administrative assistance.


  • Does Dubai Have Building Surveyors?

Yes, all DLD-certified property surveyors provide building survey services in Dubai.

  • What Is the Difference Between a Survey and a Boundary Survey?

A survey covers various aspects of land, while a boundary survey specifically defines the property’s exact limits and markers.

Property surveys in Dubai are indispensable for ensuring transparency, legality, and accurate valuation in real estate transactions. From delineating property boundaries to confirming ownership titles and determining market value, these surveys play a vital role in safeguarding the interests of buyers, sellers, and investors alike. By understanding the importance of property surveys, navigating the application process, and availing services from accredited surveyors, individuals can make informed decisions in the dynamic real estate landscape of Dubai.

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